Why Use Sea-Band
Sea-Band | Natural relief for nausea

Uses for Sea-Band
Sea-Band is clinically proven to relieve nausea of various types.

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Motion Sickness and Travel Sickness

Don’t let motion sickness ruin your journeys whether they be by land, air or sea.
If you or your children experience motion sickness while travelling Sea-Bands may help to reduce your nausea letting you enjoy your journey again. Drug-free, Sea-Bands can relieve your motion sickness.

Morning Sickness

For many pregnant women, morning sickness is not just a problem in the morning. In some cases ‘morning sickness’ can last all day, and can range from feeling nauseaous to actually vomiting many times a day. In many countries, up to 80% of women will suffer from ‘morning sickness’ or pregnancy sickness and
Sea-Band may help to reduce both feelings of nausea, and may reduce vomiting as well. Find out more about relieving your morning sickness:

Post Operative and Chemotherapy Induced Nausea

Nausea and vomiting is a common and unpleasant side-effect of chemotherapy for cancer patients, and despite improvements in anaesthetic techniques, many post-operative patients still suffer nausea and vomiting after an operation. For cancer patients nausea can continue for a number of days therefore impacting on their daily lives. Drug-free, Sea-Bands may help to relieve cancer related or post operative nausea and vomiting. More information.